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August 23, 2021

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp and http://wfnn.info Started Coverage on U.S. Canadian Minerals, USCA Focuses on Mining

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp of http://wfnn.info started research reporting on U.S. Canadian Minerals. The company makes acquisitions in minerals and mining.

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 23, 2021 – http://wfnn.info continues report on companies to highlight companies believed to have high growth prospects. Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp posted his report on six sites to allow investors to read about these companies.

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp said, “Canadian Minerals announced the completion of the renovation and expansion of its Yellow River processing plant. These improvements were accomplished in less than a year from the time they were started. The facility was substantially rebuilt from the ground up with the intention of improving its productivity. The company is proud of the improvements to this plant. They have made the plant more productive and friendlier to the environment. It is now their finest facility, and they hope to upgrade their other plants in South America when their cash flow permits. With the opening of the plant, the company continues to show advancement. They continue to find more assets; WFNN sees the company moving up to a share price of $2.00 and showing net loss of five cents. The company made significant decisions and grew organically with stolid developments."

For information of these events examine: http://wfnn.info and http://freestock1.com for the information.

About U.S. Canadian Minerals: USCA focuses to acquire mineral rights, mining resources and the development of mining operations to extract minerals by acquiring existing active and inactive mining operations.

Rendal Williams, CEO
USCA -- U.S. Canadian Minerals, Inc.
4955 S. Durango #216
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: 702-433-8223
Fax: 702-873-1917

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