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August 23, 2021

Public Relations Training: National Public Relations Training Expert Launches Website with Free Media Pitching Strategies

Saa-a-y what? PR pros need pitching help? Margo Mateas, also known as the Media Relations Maven, has launched a new website (www.prtrainer.com) that offers free tips on how to get the media's attention. Fact: Most media relations training experts coach camera-shy CEOs on ways to handle tough interview questions. But Mateas -– owner of The Public Relations Training Co. –- targets another audience entirely. She teaches PR pros –- at every experience level -- how to pitch reporters for more powerful results.

SAN JOSE, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2021 -- National media relations trainer Margo Mateas launched a new multi-media website today featuring free media relations tips targeted at agency and corporate PR pros who want to brush up on their pitching skills. The site includes video and audio clips from some of her workshops and seminars, and more than a dozen downloadable articles on media relations. The material is also aimed at recent PR graduates.

“Believe it or not,” says Mateas, “most PR pros have never set foot in a newsroom and new PR grads don’t get near enough training in media relations when they’re in school.”

Mateas says this results in “a vicious cycle of disgruntled reporters and disillusioned PR practitioners. I see myself as the bridge between the two,” she says.

“My advice goes way beyond deadlines and news beats and how to write a press release,” she says. “I teach the guts of media relations –- what absolutely has to happen to get the media interested in covering a story. Then, I teach PR pros how to pick up that phone, call a reporter and sell the story.”

Downloadable articles from the website, www.prtrainer.com, include:

* Breaking Into Business and Financial Publications
* Pitching Exclusives and Embargoes
* Five Reasons Editors Aren't Responding to Your Emails
* Blogging Basics for PR People
* Six Tips For Surviving Media Interviews

The website is organized into special sections for companies, agencies, independents and students, and gives information on her services along with detailed case studies and an online press kit. Visitors can preview Mateas’ nationwide speaking engagements, including her upcoming, “Ultimate Media Pitching Workshop” tour scheduled next month for eight U.S. cities. There are video and audio clips of Mateas at work. “Visitors get an inside glimpse into the training experience,” she says.

Margo Mateas is president of The Public Relations Training Company, one of the nation’s most well known media relations training firms. She is a 20-year public relations veteran, former journalist and award-winning writer. Mateas has helped public relations practitioners score coverage in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, CNN, Oprah, USA Today and more.

The site is also accessed through www.mediarelationsmaven.com. For more information, visit www.prtrainer.com or call 1-877-679-6100.

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